Thursday, 3 February 2011

Stuart Hall Library reading group discussion post

Thursday 13th January 2011

Boyce, Carole. 'From "post-coloniality" to uprising textualities: Black women writing the critique of Empire' in Black women, writing and identity: migrations of the subject. Routledge, 1994.

Our first reading group of the year was a small discussion but fascinating nontheless. For those unable to attend an audio recording is now available via the library website.

Key questions for discussion:

  • What did you make of the text?

  • Would you say that we are in a post-colonial era?

  • Post-colonial theory emerged in the 1990s. How relevant is it to contemporary life, both inside and outside of academia?

  • What is the importance of gender in relation to post-colonial and other theories? Does if matter that most of the theorising has been done by men?

  • P.81 What do you think of CBD's statement that: 'post-coloniality represents a misnaming of current realities?[...]'?

  • P.83 What do you think of the statement: 'We are not beyond Western colonialism... Western colonialism is not the only colonialism around.'?

  • P.84 Quoting CBD: '[...] the ideology of most "postings" convets the that the older systems, as well as their after-effects, are carried over into the present of future'. CBD gives 'post-feminism' as an example. Can 'post-racial' also be added to this as examples of ideologies/theories which have an element of denial about them?

Next meeting:

Our next reading group will take place Thursday 10th February 2011. We will be reading Dimitrakaki, Angela. "All that is sold melts into air' but I can't change anything': on the indentity of the artist in the networks of global capital', in Jonathan Harris (ed.) Identity theft: the cultural colonisation of contemporary art. Liverpool UP, 2008, pp.221-245.

To reserve a place please contact us

Our new updated list of upcoming texts for discussion is now availalble here, along with audio recording from previous reading group discussions.

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